Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction show the Kansas State Edition

by Vince Bonner 19. October 2017 14:16


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10/25/2017 7:27:53 AM #

When are we going to start seeing these earlier in the week again? Nobody wants to watch the show after the game already happened

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I'm a die hard OU fan and former OU student during the heyday of the wishbone.  Billy Sims played and won the heisman trophy when I was at OU.  I love OU football and have been doing this page for about 18 years.  I do the video editing and production.  Glad you stopped by!  Leave some comments and help me make this a great place for OU fans to visit Smile


Sooner Alum and die hard OU Fan. Kevin gives great insight to OU Football

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