Sam Returns and OU beats Baylor 33-7

by Vince Bonner 11. October 2009 11:57

Well Saturday witnessed the return of our heisman Trophy winning QB Sam Bradford, and he showed he was a little rusty after only playing one half of football this year but he was accurate most of the time.  Over all though the receivers were again the problem with most of his incomplete passes with several drops.  The most reliable again was Brandon Caleb.  Jaz Reynolds got his first reception as a Sooner and look good for a while, but then dropped several key passes. He then caught a few more so I don't think the coaches are giving up on him or anything.  Dejaun Miller with his 6'6" height could be the second receiver we have been looking for.  He does not seem to know how to run routes yet but maybe that will come in time.   Dejaun does catch the ball. Adron Tennel caught the ball when they threw it to him Saturday, that is a news headline.  I have called him brick hands for all his drops but he played well against Baylor.

The big problem was the red zone for the Sooners Saturday having to kick 4 field goals Saturday.  It was dropped balls by Cameron Kenney and others in the endzone that caused some drives to fizzle. Some of Sams passes were tough to catch but they still should of been caught.  The Biggest problem again for the Sooners is the ultra conservative play calling of Kevin Wilson again in the red zone and basically everywhere.  Why when you are inside the 10 yard line Kevin, do you have to give the ball to the running back straight up the middle into the waiting arms of about 7 defensive lineman and linebackers?  Hey Kevin how about pitch it to Demarco Murray to the right or left of the stack and he will walk in.  I don't mean that weird option you run where the QB runs slowly down the line and pitches it to the running back that gives the whole defense time to run over and stop the play.  I mean just turn around from center and pitch the ball to Murray and let him use his speed to get around the defensive end.  Frustrating to watch straight up the middle every time.

The defense played pretty well in the second half but could not stop Baylor consistently in the first half. The defensive stars for Baylor were Jeremey Beal, Gerald Mccoy, Austin English and linebacker Keenan Clayton. 

It is Texas Week, and the Sooners will be underdogs to the 5-0 Longhorns.  Ryan Broyles our best but injured receiver told people he might be back for the Texas Game, it would be a miracle if he came back so soon but we definitely need him.  Everyone will have to play at the top of there game for the Sooners to win.  No more dropped balls by Receivers allowed.  Kevin Wilson needs to call a Wide Open game for a big Change.  The Defense are going to need to double team Shipley Mccoy's favorite receiver. The defense will have to stop that short over the middle pass that has been killing the Sooners all Season.  Time to step up Sooners.

Go Sooners Beat shocked the world and beat them Longhorns.



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I'm a die hard OU fan and former OU student during the heyday of the wishbone.  Billy Sims played and won the heisman trophy when I was at OU.  I love OU football and have been doing this page for about 24 years.  I do the video editing and production.  Glad you stopped by!  Leave some comments and help me make this a great place for OU fans to visit Smile


Sooner Alum and die hard OU Fan. Kevin gives great insight to OU Football

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