2010 Recruiting class (Bob's Best)

Bob Stoops best Sooner Recruiting class for Bob Stoops. Scout rates this class number 2 in the nation.  The suprise of the class was able to convince Texas A&M verbal 5 star linebacker Cory Nelson to switch at the last day to the Sooners.  Good to See Kenny Stills (5 star)  is now signed and a Sooner.  This class is loaded with Wide Receivers, and Defensive Lineman.  OU also has some fantastic running backs, Defensive Backs, and linebackers. OU signed 6 Five star recruits. 

Blake Bell


Brennan Clay

Brenan Clay Bio

Aaron Colvin

Colvin is a lockdown corner that has amazing hips and coverage skills. He takes on all comers and has even been successful in many camps at tough one-on-one situations. He is also not afraid to come up and deliver a blow from his spot in the defensive backfield

Rashod Favors

rashod favors bio

Roy Finch

 Small but explosive. On Film–One of the most exciting small backs in the south. He would fit perfectly into a spread offense showing good hands, vision, cutting ability, and the explosive moves to dominate at the next level. Grades–His GPA is 3.2. Has a 32" VJ.

Aaron Franklin

He was voted the district's Defensive Newcomer of the Year in '07. On Film–Aaron definitely shows he can run and he is very quick to the ball. He is also not a bad hitter. He shows good range and pretty good cover skills. He is a sure tackler and has big-play capabilities. He's been blessed with long arms, shows explosive moves, good change of direction, and can make plays from sideline to sideline

Trey Franks

a legit 4.3-second guy in the 40-yard dash and you don't see it all that much on this play. Then as I watched more and more of Franks slowly pulling away from the rest of the pack, the guy is probably in third gear for the last 30-yards. His speed is truly unlike many guys who have come to OU, it will be interesting to see how he is used during his time.

Geneo Grissom

Expect Grissom to start his career off as a weakside defensive end and eventually grow into an interchangeable defensive end. If he proves to be a threat as a pass rusher expect him to play early, especially in definite passing situations. It is hard to keep big, athletic guys that can run off the field, even as freshmen.

Quentin Hayes

A high school standout who has played both the FS and CB positions and could play either in college. On Film–He is rarely seen out of position, plays hard on every down, and is always around the ball. He has proven to be a solid open-field tackler and not only solid but hard hitting. He shows loose hips, can transition out of his backpedal quickly, and is not afraid to step up and make plays. He can quickly change directions and loves the physical game even though he only weighs 175 pounds. Stats–He earned All-League and some All-Area honors for his play on defense. Grades–His GPA is 2.5 

Austin Haywood

James Haynes

Eric Humphrey

Bronson Irwin

He is the state's #1 OL prospect. On Film–I first met Bronson down in San Antonio. He proved to me and everyone else down there that he belonged and would rank as one of the nation's premiere OL prospects. He shows great balance, is an exceptional pass defender, and has very quick feet for a 315 pounder and strong hands. He is one of the more aggressive run blockers in the Midland region. He is a dominator who moves his feet well, can run, and redirect. He is very good at making adjustments and can hit moving targets. Last season he totally controlled the point of attack. He can play LT or OG in college. He was a mismatch against almost everyone he went up against last season. A hard worker who is rarely caught out of position, and the consummate OL. Stats–He earned All-State mention for his play at tackle. Other Sports–He has thrown the shot put over 50' and the discus 150' in track. Grades–His GPA is 3.4 and he scored a 26 on the ACT. Benches 340

Tony Jefferson

One of the more productive two-way players in the country. On Film–You got to be impressed with Tony's ability to get to the ball on defense. He played OLB most of last season showing great speed and quickness off the edge. I was impressed with his ability to play off blocks, stay on his feet, and get to the ball. He dominated at the point of attack and on film it didn't look like he had been neutralized all season. He is a player who loves contact and, at the high school level, he's a dominating player and a difference maker. On offense he showed the burst, body control, and quickness to cause damage outside. A smart back who shows a good feel to pick and slide, he shows the vision, burst, and cut back ability to run through traffic. A dominating high school ball player who has the size to become and outstanding SS in college. Stats–He recorded 88 tackles, 4 sacks, 12 tackles for losses at OLB and picked off 2 passes at LB. He rushed for 1,358 yds and 28 TDs at RB on his way to earning 1st Team All-State honors and Offensive Player of the Year honors. Grades–His GPA is 3.0 and he scored a 1320 on the SAT 

Justin McCay

If you are looking for a receiver with great size, hands, explosiveness, and a great attitude look no further than J-Mac. For that matter, if you are looking for a good LB or FS look no further than J-Mac. On Film–#19 proves to be an exceptionally tough receiver for the defense to defend. He can run with the best of them, shows great leaping ability, catches the ball at its highest point, explodes off the line, is an excellent downfield blocker, and can create after the catch. On defense, he is a hard-hitting LB with very good speed to the ball. I believe he is better suited to play WR at the next level. The opposing coaches call him the real deal and I call him an All-American. He is a potential game breaker who is also a top notch red-zone receiver. He is coached by Tim Gurnhard, who was on my 1986 All-Midwest Team. Tim went on to a career at Notre Dame and with the Kansas City Chiefs. Stats–He caught 31 passes for 550 yds and 4 scores and also carried the ball 12 times for 195 yds and 3 scores. The coaches say he will be getting his hands on the ball many more times this year so look out. Other Sports–He averages 13 pts and 10 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball. Grades–His GPA is 3.0. 

Sheldon McClain

Trey Millard

 He is a leader on the field and perfectly suited for the ILB position. On Film–He shows tremendous athleticism, has great lateral range, a nose for the ball, good awareness, and excels in backside pursuit. He teamed up with Chase Rome to dominate league offenses in '08. He is a team leader with a bright future. Stats–He totaled over 100 tackles in '08.s

Corey Nelson

There may not be a better linebacker in the country than Mr. Nelson. On Film–The ubiquitous #7 has been blessed with great speed, instincts, and determination. This guy is like a rocket to the ball, so much so that it looks like he can anticipate the count a split second before the ball is actually snapped. He effectively plays off blockers and once he gets to the ball it's all over. He not only consistently makes tackles but he also blocks punts and kicks. He is not the biggest backer around, it is stretching it to say he is 6-1, but it's not stretching it to say he is the most athletic and quickest linebacker in the country. Stats–He recorded 156 tackles, 12 QB sacks, 20 tacks for losses, 4 blocked punts, 2 blocked field goals, and batted down 8 passes on his way to earning 1st Team All-Area honors in '08. He is a high school difference maker. Other Sports–He averages 10 pts and 15 rebounds a game as an FW in basketball. Grades–His GPA is 3.3. Benches 300 and has a very good 38" VJ

It’s a good year for DT prospects in the state of Texas and Daniel ranks as one of the very best. On Film–#92 uses his hands well and keeps his pads level. He shows good strength at the point of attack and is an inside-run stuffer. He shows very quick feet, can move the pile, and is not afraid of contact. He does a good job of handling the double team, keeping his feet, and making plays. He is good in backside pursuit and he shows some up field explosion. I watched the Hebron game in which he dominated, despite being double teamed, totaling 2 sacks, 8 tackles, and 1 forced fumble.

When I was in San Antonio last January Torrea was recommended as a prospect or suspect. His coach called him inconsistent but remarkable talented. On Film–When properly motivated he is a run stuffing machine showing good initial quickness, excellent strength, and shows the ability to overpower most high school linemen he has gone up against. Perfectly built for the NT or DT positions, he has shown strong hands, keeps his pads low, and rarely spends time on the ground. The key to his game is becoming more consistent but has the potential to become one of the country's finest DT prospects. 

 this young man can play the game. On Film–#8 proves to be a precise route runner who catches the ball in stride and can turn up field in the blink of an eye. He works hard to get open and shows good moves out in the open field. Very reliable, he has pretty good leaping ability. Stats–Caught 48 passes for 738 yds and 10 TDs and also totaled 15 tackles at CB.


He is a high school LG who should remain at that position in college. On Film–#68 shows remarkably quick feet for a 301 pounder. His coaches call him a special player and on film he proves to be a powerhouse of an OG who can dominate the point of attack and shows good mobility. He has been blessed with long arms, big hands, and an aggressive style of play. He is very strong in the legs and is able to sustain his blocks until the whistle. He can pull and trap and excels as both a run and pass blocker


The fastest rising WR prospect in the west. On Film–Kenny uses his great speed and excellent route running ability to get open. A very aggressive receiver, he has the strong hands and strength to out battle DB's for the ball, and also shows the ball skills to make the acrobatic catch. He had an outstanding CIF championship game. A go-to guy, he is fluid and tremendous in double coverage. He can take over a game with his ability and shows terrific leaping ability and timing. Stats–Caught 60 passes for 1,200 yds and 19 TDs averaging 21 yds per catch. Other Sports–He's been timed in a 10.6 100 and a 21.9 200 meters in track. Grades–His GPA is 3.2. Favorite Schools–His father, Kenny Stills, played six years with the Packers and Vikings


A two-way tackle who shows All-American potential on offense. On Film–Big T is quick, smart, and athletic. He appears to be a natural tackle, a good one-on-one blocker, he's hard-nosed, tough, and loves to hit. He always seems to stay out in front of his man for good positioning and quick feet. He is not yet super strong but has the frame to weigh well over 300 pounds. Stats–He earned All-Austin Area honors for his play at OT and All-Conference honors at DT. Other Sports–He has thrown the shot put over 51' and the discus 150' in track.



#78 has been traveling a little bit under the radar the last couple of months but, believe me, this guy can play. I interviewed him back in December and was impressed. On Film–Big Nasty dominated every game he played in '08. He shows quick feet, excellent upper body strength, technique, and aggressiveness. For proof he took over the Denton-Ryan game in which Lake Dallas ran behind him throughout the game. He shows good lateral movement, makes contact with defensive linemen quickly coming out of a stance, and can reach linebackers in the blink of an eye. He is one of the more athletic OT prospects in northern Texas. Stats–He earned All-League and some All-Dallas Area honors for his play at OT. Other Sports–He averages 10 pts and 10 rebounds a game as a center in basketball. Grades–His GPA is over 2.0


On Film–#50 dominates from the beginning to the end. He is a fast, smart, and very capable OC. He is an expert as a deep snapper, long or short, and has exceptionally quick feet for a 280 pounder. For proof just watch the Highland Park game in which his offense directed 80% of their plays to go behind Mr. Woods. He is a big guy that can move his feet, he is very strong at the point of attack, is a very focused player who trains hard, and appears to get stronger as the game progresses. He is perfectly suited for OC or OG. Other Sports–He plays varsity baseball. Grades–His GPA is 4.0


I'm a die hard OU fan and former OU student during the heyday of the wishbone.  Billy Sims played and won the heisman trophy when I was at OU.  I love OU football and have been doing this page for about 24 years.  I do the video editing and production.  Glad you stopped by!  Leave some comments and help me make this a great place for OU fans to visit Smile


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