Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction show- The 2014 Tulsa Edition

by Vince Bonner 3. September 2014 15:05

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Great Intro Video for the First game of the 2014 season and First Game Highlights

by Vince Bonner 31. August 2014 11:51


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show - Louisiana Tech Edition

by Vince Bonner 27. August 2014 01:14


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Who will replace Jalen Saunders

by Vince Bonner 9. March 2014 09:45

Who will replace the OU QB's go to guy last season? I am Talking about Jalen Saunders

who was Blake Bell's and Trevor Knight's go to guy when they really needed a first down or a

big pass play. Replacing Jalen Saunders with someone as good or better is critical to OU's success next year

Looking at the 2014 Recruiting class, Michiah Quick could be that replacement OU needs.

Here is what the OU coaches are saying about him.

He is super explosive and dynamic playmaker in space. He is great punt receiver. He has the ability to take a short pass and turn it into a long run. He has a lot of qualities like Jalen Saunders but he is like Jalen Saunders but he is a stronger athelete at this point in the gane, he has a thicker frame and is more powerful in space. He played both sides of the ball. He played corner on defense. He is just a really dynamic kid." Co-OC/WR Coach Jay Norvell;

Here is the highlights of Michiah Quick

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by Vince Bonner 7. February 2014 13:58

The Sooners got a big boost in recruiting after their win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Going from 37th to 14th in recruiting. Stars like Joe Mixon at running back and Huge Players like Mark Andrews 6'6", Dallas Todd 6'5" and Jeffrey Meade 6'6" at Wide Receiver with the speedy Quick at Slot. Along with Davante Bond and Curtis Bolton at Linebacker, and Steven Parker in the defensive backfield highlight the class. The theme of this class is size and speed.





How Sweet it is Sooners dominate Alabama 45-31

by Vince Bonner 4. January 2014 06:19


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show - the Sugar bowl edition

by Vince Bonner 24. December 2013 05:41


OU wins Bedlam 33-24

by Vince Bonner 10. December 2013 14:44

Blake Bell is like the 6th man on basketball team that is the first to come off the bench. When you try to start him he does not play well, but off the bench he plays great. Honestly when I saw that Trevor Knight was out, I thought we were going to get hosed by OSU. I really thought that we were going to get hosed when Kendall Thompson threw the interception and did not seem to be able to run the ball. I have to give it to the defense for OU they had the great goal line stand which was crucial to win, and they kept OU in the game until Blake Bell started heating up, and played great all game. Number 8 Saunders was a superstar Saturday. He had so much speed to run a critical punt back for a TD and great yards from reception all the way until he caught the pass to seal the game with 12 seconds left. Blake played awesome but Trevor needs to start in the Sugar bowl, I don't really know how we are going to beat Alabama they have so much talent on the team and we are so devastated by injuries. We need some Real Sooner Magic to win GO SOONERS!


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show - The Bedlam Edition

by Vince Bonner 4. December 2013 17:27

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OU Runs all over the Kansas State 41-31

by Vince Bonner 25. November 2013 15:45

Trevor proved himself as the Sooner Quarterback Saturday against Kansas State. He passed like he was suppose to when the season started. He was amazing at running, like when he was caught in the end zone,he side steps the defender and then another defender jumps at Trevor, but with with uncanny speed Trevor runs by the defender while the defender is in the air and not only gets out of the end zone but runs for the first down. If any other QB had been there it would have been a safety or downed at the one. Our Defense, shut down the run and played well against the pass except in the 2nd Quarter when Lockett the receiver caught Two long passes for TDs and a tie game. Fortunately we had Brennan Clay run for Td before again Lockett caught another long pass for a TD. They have had about three or four Lockett receivers over the years, and they were all great receivers and they were all from Oklahoma and we never recruit them. Luckily in the second half they put Colvin our best defender on Lockett and shut him down for the rest of the game. Well, now when there is only a very small chance to win the Big 12, we have at least our quarterback. Yes we have a small chance for the big 12 title. Of course we have to beat OSU no small order, which would give them two loses tied with us. Texas Tech has to beat Texas which would give Texas two losses. Followed by the next week Texas has to beat Baylor. Giving OU, Baylor, OSU, and Texas all two loses. Who goes to the number one bowl in the big 12. The highest Team in the BCS. Texas won't be it, and Baylor would have lost twice with games very close together so they might drop way down. Leaving OU to pass OSU in the BCS ratings as the Big 12 winner. Actually all the teams would get to claim the title but OU would get the best bowl game. Of course, this requires a lot of ifs. Texas Tech has lost about 4 straight and Texas is weak against running QBs (we of course did not play our running QB against Texas). Also OSU is looking really good hopefully they will be over confident against us. If Trevor can get us a victory against OSU then he will be QB for the Sooners until he graduates. Go Sooners take down them Pokes



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