Vince&Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show-The Florida A&M Edition

by Vince Bonner 5. September 2012 01:28

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by Vince Bonner 2. September 2012 09:19
Landry at UTEPThis game made you realize that we are very far from being a big 12 Championship contender much less a National Championship contender. The defense could not stop Jeffrey the UTEP running back until the second half when he started cramping due the heat. This was mainly due OU being terminally short of defensive tackles. Stacey Mcgee was suspended, Torrea Peterson suspended, Casey Moore was out indefinitely for a personal injury unrelated to football??That left Alexander and king who was a converted defensive end to start at tackle. Pass defensive was ok for the Sooners who did not give up any points on defensive. Special teams was terrible. UTEP Blocked an OU Punt and on a field goal it was called a block but really Hunnicutt the OU field goal kicker who was reliable last year just mishit the ball and kicked it into the defense it never got over three feet high. The problem was that it was grabbed by Jeffrey the same running back who had been runnning on us all night and returned for the only UTEP touchdown. The Offense for OU was so predictable that UTEP would line up 9 and 10 men at the line when OU wanted to run and stuff it during most of the first half. Hey how about passing it when they are stacked on the line... I have to admit that I am disappointed in Josh Heupal's play calling, I thought he would be closer to Mike Leach in style but instead he is a poor imitation of Kevin Wilson's play calling. The offensive line was terrible they had lost Habern the all big 12 center to injury and then just before the season started lost Tyler Evans a all big 12 guard to injury. Hopefully they can straigten the offensive line problems before we play Kansas State because Landry was getting sacked all night and running for his life at other times. Landry did look improved from last year. He scrambled out of danger several times at UTEP. The new receivers were disappointing but I have not given up on them. The most disappointing to me was Brown the Penn State veteran who was supposed to be our best receiver. Instead he ran wrong routes and on a key third down just caught the ball and dove across the out of bounds line without even trying to drag his feet and make it a legal catch. Trey Metoyer was a true freshman but looked like he was pretty good even though he caught a touchdown pass but stepped out of bounds before he caught. I was all hyped to see Geneo Grissom at tight end but he was another suspension for this game only hopefully. Brenan Green was supposed to be mainly a blocking tight end but I guess UTEP thought he was to because he was wide open for a game clinching touchdown late in the game. The best running back is Damien Williams, he was much better than Whaley who looked like he was still injured from last year. Overall The Sooners played better in the second half when they went to the hurry up offense and should stay with it. Overall they need to play much better at Florida A&M so they will be ready for the BIG 12 teams.

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Vince & Kevin's OU Footbal Prediction Show- The UTEP Edition

by Vince Bonner 29. August 2012 01:33

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Vince & Kevin's OU Football 2012 Season Preview Show

by Vince Bonner 23. August 2012 01:35

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Meet the 2012 OU Recruiting Class

by Vince Bonner 1. February 2012 11:49

Bob Stoops gave us another top 10 class with OU rated from 6 to 8 in the Country. Class heavy on Tight Ends, Running Backs, and DBs



A Look back at OU Football 2011 and Good bye to the Seniors

by Vince Bonner 22. January 2012 08:16
The Season of 2011 for the OU Sooners started out in the spring with so much promise OU was the consensus number one in the country. Espn was showing Sooner practices on TV. Dan Noble was the first dominoe to fall, he had a concussion he could not get over and the defensive tackle starter had to give up football. Austin Box dies right before the season starts the key linebacker was gone from this life and his promising football career was no more. OU and its defense was dominant anyway during the first of season and at Florida State and Ryan Broyles was the best player on the field like he was for the whole season in 2011. We dominated Texas due to Ryan Broyles and Landry Jones and a dominant defense. We won until Texas Tech a 5th place team in the big 12 came to town and no one was remotely thinking upset. OU was had won 62 games in a row at home and that was not fixing to change anytime soon or at least we thought. The night game was delayed 2 hours due to rain and the bad news kept on coming. It seem Whaley are best running back and almost only one had the flu and did not play a down, OU had nobody who could run the ball very effectively. The bad news kept on coming Jamell Fleming are best and dominate defensive back could not play due to injury. The Texas Tech QB had a career night against the replacement for Jamell Fleming and a uninspired defensive and OU was no longer number one. OU still was in the hunt with one loss and they were still winning until the worst possible injury and it was to the record holding receiver Ryan Broyles. Also the second worst injury, Whaley went down for good with a broken leg. We played Baylor at Baylor and Robert Griffin who OU had always stopped before did not stop this time. Number one hopes were dashed with the loss to Baylor. We really had a very limited offense without Ryan Broyles at receiver and Whaley at running back and Landry Jones did not seem to know who to throw to and how to inspire the offense. The final blow was the worst Ronnell Lewis OU's great defensive end and the terror of all QBs who play OU would not play against OSU and never again for OU. OSU beat us easily running to side of the defensive that Ronnell Lewis vacated. Suddenly the number one season was a disaster no number one and not even a Big 12 Championship. We did beat a hapless Iowa team in the Insight bowl to get 10 victories, a great season for everybody but OU but it was not a season the Sooners want to remember except for the fantastic play of Ryan Broyles.
No way we can ever replace Ryan Broyle who set the NCAA record for receptions and would have set many more except for his injury. When he was on the field he was a threat to score every play and we just hope to see his combination of speed and big play ability one day again for the Sooners. It is hard to imagine that Ryan was the last recruit picked for the Sooners when he came out of high school and OSU had him until the very last day. Ryan Broyles joins a long line of legends who will not soon be forgotten.
Jamell Fleming a shutdown corner who the Sooners will surely miss. Jamell set the bar high for the next Corner at OU. He will go high in the Pro draft.
The Great Frank Alexander one of the best Defensive Ends in OU history. A great pass rusher and a sure first rounder in the Pros. Another one we wish had several more years of eligibility at OU.
Ronnell could make a QB collapse like jelly with just a single hit that did not look that hard of hit. He was a monster hitter and we will especially miss him on special teams where he made almost all the tackles on kickoffs. The one time the opossing team ran back the kickoff in 2011 was when Ronnell Lewis was not playing. Ronnell Lewis will be drafted for his hitting ability alone.
Goodbye Great Seniors


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by Vince Bonner 28. December 2011 17:34


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by Vince Bonner 15. November 2011 17:08



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