OU dismantles Kansas 52-7

by Vince Bonner 21. October 2012 13:35
Landry Jones threw for 291 yards and three touchdowns,Brown ran a punt back for a 90 yard TD and Roy Finch ran a kickoff back 100 yards. Almost everyone scored at will and as the hapless Kansas was totally dominated Saturday.Now we move on to Notre Dame I have waiting for years to watch the Sooners throttle Notre Dame and they have the talent to do it. Notre Dame has a fairly good defense and a pretty below average offense and yet they are Number 5 in the country right now. We will see saturday night Go Sooners stomp the irish...


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show- The Kansas Edition

by Vince Bonner 17. October 2012 12:21

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OU Steam Rolls Texas 63-21

by Vince Bonner 14. October 2012 12:32
This was the most complete butt kicking of Texas by OU I have ever witnessed. OU dominated in every phase of the game. The OU defense dispensed with all my worries of not having enough talent on the defensive line and linebackers. Oklahoma completely shut down Texas' running game. Jamarkus McFarland played his most inspired game as a Sooner. If he would play like that every week, he could live up to the hype he had coming out of high school. Casey Walker, R.J. Washington, David King, Chuka Ndulue, they all had a hand in stopping Texas cold. The 'Horns tandem of Johnathan Gray and Joe Bergeron equaled 12 carries for 17 yards. Texas as a team had two yards rushing in the first half. Tom Wort the often criticized middle linebacker had his best game against Texas Saturday. Another outstanding effort by the secondary, with Aaron Colvin leading the way. Ash the Texas QB made the mistake of throwing the ball to a receiver that Aaron Colvin was covering, who made an outstanding interception that stopped a Texas drive cold. Colvin has NFL written all over him. Demontre Hurst,Javon Harris,and Tony Jefferson were strong in run support and Julian Wilson came in to play well for he second week in a row. OU held Marquis Goodwin without a catch and previous leading receiver Jaxon Shipley had one reception for three yards. Coming in, those two had accounted for 38 catches and six touchdowns. Landry Jones was awesome and is now one of the few undefeated starting QBs against Texas. He definitely will be missed in his play against Texas. Damien Williams appears to have the rare combination of power running and speed that makes him an ideal back for the OU offense. On his 95-yard touchdown run, he put on a speed move that took out two Longhorn defenders without any contact. Kenny Stills delivered the awesome block that made sure Damien's run would go all the way to the endzone. Trey Millard was awesome running the ball hurdling Texas defenders and is the complete package. With defenders afraid to hit him high and trying to cut him low, he delivered a combination hurdle and stiff arm that made his 73-yard pass and run play a highlight reel moment. Add in his key blocks on running plays and you have an outstanding all-around performance and was easily his best game as a Sooner. Well we play Kansas next week and then Notre Dame which I can't wait for the Sooners to beat Notre Dame. First is Kansas.... GO SOONERS


Vince&Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show- The Beat Texas Edition

by Vince Bonner 10. October 2012 16:59

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Sooners dominate Texas Tech 41-20

by Vince Bonner 7. October 2012 14:28
Landry Jones played like the Senior Quarterback and potential first round pick in the NFL Saturday against the Texas Tech Raiders. Like I said in in my Video prediction of this game where I was very critical of Landry, He is a great QB 90% of the time, when he is on OU has a great offense and Saturday he was on. I especially like when he got pressured he stepped up into the pocket like every analyst and every fan have been screaming for the last two years. If he can step into the pocket and if he can play like this the entire season, I think we can win every game on the schedule. I have been critical of the offensive coaches for not using Damien Williams the running back more. Well Saturday they started Damien and even threw to him out of the backfield and he was outstanding. Texas Tech could not stop the OU passing game and the pass to the running back out of the backfield. It was a great day for the offense mainly because they played the hurry up offense all day. Why they did not do this at KSTATE is unknown to me. Well back to Texas Tech What was nice is the OU Defense showed up in a big way. Pressuring the Texas Tech QB and intercepted him three times. On was a fantastic between the hands interception by Colvin our outstanding Cornerback who has been playing great along with the Hurst the other cornerback. We did not let the Texas Tech QB rest from the defensive blitzes and everything we have been wanting to see all season. I loved the way Mike Stoops put the freshman Frank Shannon in at defensive end and he blitzed the QB so fast it was an easy sack. This was a completely focused OU offense and defense we have not seen this season. Keep the same focus against Texas and OU will have Bevo for breaskfast and Lunch next Saturday. Texas is vulnerable to the run game and so OU needs to unleash Damien Willams in the same way they did at Texas Tech. If they will not make it obvious when it is a run play and pass to Damien and to the other receivers who had great games and keep Texas unsuccessfully guessing. We have an advantage at field goal kicker and Punter against Texas that will important in this kind of game and QB. GO SOONERS BEAT TEXAS



Vince & Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show Texas Tech Edition

by Vince Bonner 4. October 2012 09:55

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Say it ain't So Joe OU gets beat by KSU 24-19

by Vince Bonner 23. September 2012 12:44

 Landry Jones looked like a nervous freshman instead of senior QB on Saturday against KSU. Jones on the opening drive missed a wide open Brannon green in the endzone. On the next Sooner drive,He was on the 8 yard line goes back to pass gets a little pressure from the defense but instead of stepping into the pocket he runs down the two yard line of the Sooners gets the ball stripped from him and gives Kansas State the 7-3 lead after the defense had worked their tails off to keep KSU from scoring.  He also He also threw another pass to a Kansas State defender for an interception.
"I played pretty terrible. The majority of this game is in my hands," said an obviously dejected Jones following the Sooners 24-19 loss to Kansas State at home. "I didn't take care of the ball, I didn't make enough plays and so this one is probably on me." But how can Jones be playing this way? What happened to Landry Jones the first-round draft pick? The guy who was supposed to vault himself into the same category as Josh Heupel, Jason White and Sam Bradford with championship runs this season? Well, guess what? Landry Jones doesn't know why he hasn't become that guy either. When told fans simply would want to ask him why he hasn't improved on the issues he's had in the past now that he's a senior, Jones had no answer for them. How does he reconcile those questions in his own mind after a game like this? "Yeah, I don't know," he answered. "I'm not for sure." Maybe it was a loaded question. Maybe inferring Jones hasn't gotten better since the end of last season wasn't fair. But the way Jones' head slumped following the question, he wasn't exactly disagreeing with the assessment of his progress. "It's definitely frustrating," said Jones of his night. "We have a lot of good players on this offense. We have a lot of good running backs, a lot of good offensive line, receivers - we've got a lot of skill, but it seems like we can't put it together. "We're playing really dumb football, me especially. I had a fumble, a pick, and I missed Moose on a tight end pop play. There were just a lot of different plays out there I didn't make and I needed to make for us to be successful." OU coaches even criticized Landry. "He had no immediate pressure and we've got to get rid of the football and go to the next play, or punt it," said Stoops of Jones fumble which turned into seven points for the Wildcats. "We've got to be more responsible with the football. It's just bad football to play like that." "He just didn't feel the guy coming back over the top," added co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel. "You've got to understand the situation and nothing is there you throw it away and go on and play the next play and punt and put your defense on the field that was playing really well." . It was obvious when he sought out quarterback guru George Whitfield, Jr., last spring to make himself a better QB. . So far he is not the QB to have to turn it around. Right now, according to Saturday's result, they don't.   With Landry Jones you just never know what you are going to get. Against the next Sooner opponent he may play great who knows. The Sports Animal always gets mad at us fans for wanting a more reliable QB. This game is case in point why we do want a more reliable QB. Like I said though Landry is capable of turning on a dime and having a great game at any moment when he has his head on straight he can be great QB. The defense for the Sooner over all played ok until the last few drives in the 4th Quarter when we needed the ball back but we do not have enough depth to give the starters some rest and they were obviously tired and frustrated with the offense. Tom Wort the linebacker was an exception to playing well he missed tackles right and left all night to keep KSU drives going. It was not the defenses fault though when the offense gave KSU 14 points at the least.  It was such a bad night for the Sooners that even the BellDozer fumbeled the ball away on the two yard line for a sure score but did score once later for the Sooners. Just if one of those mistakes did not happen the Sooners would have won but they did happen. National Championship hopes are gone but they were never realistic anyway. Somehow we have to pull it together and still win the Big 12 somehow. Beat Texas Tech we owe them a beating GO SOONERS


Vince & Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show- The Kansas State Edition

by Vince Bonner 19. September 2012 14:09

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OU Destroys Florida A&M 69-13

by Vince Bonner 9. September 2012 10:00
OU needed a game like this badly. The offense and the defensive line seemed off kilter against UTEP. OU struggled just few series against Florida A&M before they started to click. Damien Williams the running back is the real deal, and it looks like the coaches agreed. He replaced Whaley early in game and was fantastic with 10 carries for 156 yards and 4 touchdowns. He had a great 89 yard run where he made cuts that just left the defense grasping at air. He took the record for yardage from Whaley for for running backs playing for the first time on Owen field and he just keeps getting better each game. Landry the QB besides an early interception was really accurate all night 19 out of 28 for 252 yards for two TDs. Kenny Still despite a early sure touchdown drop played great with two tds. Trey Metoyer as a true freshman showed how he great of receiver he is and will be. It is also very fortunate that Justin Brown transferred to OU. He is just what the Sooners needed at wideout. He really gave us a great asset at Punt returner. He returned one for 62 yards a touchdown but the refs said Brown stepped out of bounds at the 4 yard line but the Sooners easily scored and we are glad he will be returning punts the rest of the year hopefully. The defense allowed some runs in the opening series but quickly settled down Saturday. The good news for the defense that Casey Walker the former starting defensive tackle will be back monday on the team monday after a mysterious personal injury. We really need him we only have two experienced defensive tackles on the team and one is a converted defensive end. With Casey Walker the Sooners will be better against the run now. I really liked the story of Jesse Paulsen a walk on senior who besides one play where he did not help the corner back on coverage played great. He replaced Tony Jefferson who had hurt his ankle and Sooners did not miss a beat. The Sooners really need another easy game to be ready for Kansas State who beat Miami 56-13 Saturday. They have a bye week instead which will allow the team to rest up and work on Kansas State for two weeks. I hope they do that because Kansas State looks good. It will be at Norman so that is an advantage Go Sooners.

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