Sooner Magic Strikes Again.OU 51-48 in Bedlam

by Vince Bonner 25. November 2012 11:46
It was a nail biter all the way for the Sooners. OSU had the lead the whole game with OU only managing to tie it several times. Landry Jones was playing great except for his one interception and a few errant throws. The OU defense again could not stop the run and especially the QB Scramble which OSU employed in almost everyone of their offensive drives. OSU took a 14 point lead and Sooner fans were despairing but after a punt by OSU instead of Brown for OU back to receive they let Julian Saunders receive. It turned out to be a great decision because Julian ran the kick off back for a TD. Also after great pass receptions by Brown, the Bell Dozer after no success all day ran over every one to tie the game and send it back to overtime. OU won the toss which was a great advantage for OU. The OU defense stopped OSU from getting the first down, so OSU had to settle for a field goal. So OU knew it needed a touchdown to win. Brennan Clay the OU running back who I used to deride for his one yard average but as of the last three games has been playing much better, got the ball ran through OU for the touchdown and OU had won in overtime. Sooner Magic lived in Owen Field again...

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OU vs. OSU 2012 Vince & Kevin's OU Football Show the Bedlam Edition

by Vince Bonner 21. November 2012 02:19


OU Wins in a squeaker 50-49 over West Virginia

by Vince Bonner 18. November 2012 14:49
Landry Jones lived up to his potential Saturday night leading his team to a victory at the last seconds of the game. This is the first time in his career he has done it but he silence the critics saturday night. I cannot believe the defense could not stop Austin the running back for West Virginia he is a fantastic player and am very glad he is a senior. We dominated in the first half but after that the defensive line took a break. I hated to see Kansas State and Oregon lose because that open the door for the SEC to get back into the National Championship hunt. Baylor improved in the last few games starting with us and they put the beat down of KSTATE. NOw we have to have TEXAS beat KSTATE for OU to win the bigh 12. Hopefully that will happen.


Vince& Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show-The West Virginia Edition

by Vince Bonner 16. November 2012 10:23



by Vince Bonner 12. November 2012 06:19
The belldozer looked great, the offense looked great but the defense let Baylor run all over them.



OU vs Baylor - Vince & Kevin's OU Football Show: the Baylor Edition

by Vince Bonner 8. November 2012 01:34


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OU Wins easily at Iowa State 35-20

by Vince Bonner 5. November 2012 01:22
. Well OU won easily at Iowa State saturday the ou defense dominated the freshman QB. Landry Jones had a good game and even ran trying to make a first down like I have been wanting him to. Unfortunately even though he was wide open to run for the first down, he slid about two yards before the first down. He did not make it he was down where he started sliding. I can't wait to get a run pass QB next year


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show-The Iowa State Edition

by Vince Bonner 31. October 2012 23:45


Holey Moley We got beat 30-13

by Vince Bonner 29. October 2012 07:20
Well Notre Dame just seemed better Saturday night, but you could see where certain plays would of turned the game around. Brown the sooner receiver has not run the routes he was supposed to all year. You could see Landry throwing to him Saturday on crucial plays(I don't know why) and Brown going straight when he should of cut and vice versa all night. I don't blame Landry for this one, but in one respect he could of turned the game to the Sooners favor. Notre Dame had 7 back covering receivers and one linebacker and 3 lineman trying to rush the passer the Sooners blocked well most of the night.On crucial third and three and third in fives Landry threw the ball away when everyone was covered. If you look at the playback though, he was alone in the backfield with about 10 yards of open space in front of him. He could of ran the ball and made the first down easy. Imagine how Notre Dame would of had to change their defense for Landry running the ball. It would have changed the game. I know Landry is not a runner and the coaches don't even want him to run. This was a chance for getting back into the National Championship hunt so you do the unexpected. I am not talking run all the time just crucial plays to keep drives going. Oh well just a pipe dream BCS is gone, the Big12 championship unless a miracle happens is gone. Sooners had two crucial busts on Defense that was enough, Go Sooners beat Iowa State.


Vince & Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show- The Notre Dame Edition

by Vince Bonner 24. October 2012 23:44

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