Vince & Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show OU vs Louisiana Monroe Edition

by Vince Bonner 26. August 2013 01:04


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Trevor Knight has been named the starting QB

by Vince Bonner 22. August 2013 11:54
Trevor Knight has been named the starting QB for the opening game of the 2013 season. I had heard that he is a much better passer and is faster than Blake Bell. Trevor's future will be determined when he takes his opening snaps from center. Since he is a redshirt freshman, he has never taken a snap in college football and he is taking the first snaps as the starting QB of the Oklahoma Sooners. I hope he does not get understandably nervous and make a lot of early mistakes and if he does make the mistakes I hope the coaches stick with him for awhile and let him settle down. I think he will be fine and ready to have an era where the QB takes off running when the receivers are covered or the defense is not respecting the run.


Close to Gametime who will win the QB Job for the Sooners

by Vince Bonner 20. August 2013 12:25

Hey Sooner fans still waiting on the Big announcement who will be the QB for OU. Blake Bell is the default choice for everyone but I have heard that Trevor Knight is playing better than Bell in the last few scrimmages. It is hard to imagine Bob going with the Freshman but I would like him to, if he is playing better. I heard Trevor was a better passer and faster than Bell. Bell can deliver a lot more punishment to the DBs who try to tackle him though. I just want the best player that has the best upside. Bob will usually go with the next in line so I won't be surprised if it is Bell. I would like to see Trevor Knight get the job. Just Win Baby


Vince's Thoughts On Spring Practice

by Vince Bonner 25. May 2013 22:20
Well coming out of spring practice, the two big questions are; Who is going to be the starting QB? and can anybody play defensive line effectively? On the QB issue I like Trevor Knight the freshman who although made a few mistakes in the final spring game, in the second half of the final spring game was the only QB to lead the team into the end zone. I would start him because he has great potential. I think the Coaches are going to go with Blake Bell the save choice who did not make any mistakes in the Spring game but did not exactly bowl anyone over in the game. In the spring game the defensive line was terrible. So unless we get immediate help in the fall we are going to lose at least two games this year. I am hoping that Mike can get some help with Junior college help or converting some defensive ends to tackles because we need the help.


OU Completes Staff with Great Hires

by Vince Bonner 2. March 2013 08:18

Bob Stoops did not disappoint in his new Coaching hires because his main emphasis was on getting great recruiters. He hired Bill Bedenbaugh (pronounced BEAD-en-bow) away from West Virginia and a great coach and recruiter. He hired Jerry Montgomery Defensive Line Coach from the Michigan Wolferines who recruited and coached one of the best defensive lines in the Big 10. He is supposed to be an ace recruiter. Now Bob has completed his new staff by hiring Jay Boulware as Tight Ends and Special teams coach who was born in Oklahoma City. His Big 12 experience also included a stint as special teams coordinator/running backs coach at Iowa State (2007-08) before joining head coach Gene Chizik at Auburn (2009-12). At Auburn, Boulware was part of Chizik's staff that inherited a team coming off a 5-7 record in 2008. Two seasons later, the Tigers posted a 14-0 record capped by a 22-19 win over Oregon in the BCS Championship Game. Boulware's star pupil at tight end while at Auburn was Philip Lutzenkirchen, a second-team All-SEC selection in 2011 who set the school's record for tight ends with 14 career touchdown receptions. Boulware's punt coverage unit ranked second in the nation in 2012, permitting a mere four punt return yards on 70 punts. The Tigers also ranked third in the country in kickoff coverage last season, allowing 16.6 yards per return. Under Boulware's direction in 2011, Auburn led the SEC in kickoff return yards (1,264), kick return touchdowns (2), kickoff coverage (546 yards) and fewest punts returned (10). I will be very interested in finding out if Bob will let Jay Boulware call punt blocks since Bob has not tried to block a punt even when the other team is deep in its own endzone since the Notre Dame game in 1999. OU received a critical penalty for running into the punter which led to Notre Dame's comeback to win the game. Hey Bob so what you can still block a punt and win the game many times, Hopefully he will let Jay coach that aspect of the game. I feel much better about recruiting then I have in a long time lets hope it pays big dividends quickly


Stoops suprises everyone with big time coaching changes

by Vince Bonner 14. February 2013 15:04

Bob Stoops let go James Patton for offensive line coach I understand that one. We need to bring toughness back to the offensive line which seemed to lack that in the last few years. West Virginia's Bill Bedenbaugh (pronounced BEAD-en-bow) has been tabbed as the man for the offensive line coach job by Stoops. Bruce Kittle the tackles and tight ends coach was fired, he was a friend of Bob's with no real coaching experience so I commend Bob for firing a friend but I criticize Bob for hiring a friend with no real coaching experience. He needed to be fired,  we have not brought in a quality tight end in three years. The big shocker was the defensive line coach Jackie Shipp who is a great recruiter and who was with Bob since he started in 1999. I do say we have had trouble recruiting big time Defensive Lineman since Gerald McCoy left and that has been awhile. I think the last straw was when we lost Granger to Texas A&M. Granger's brother played for OU and he was a sure get for OU and they still lost him. So now the rumors are that Mike Tuiasosopo from Arizona is up for the job of Dline coach. If that is true it looks like Mike Stoops is rebuilding his defense from his Arizona job. The trouble is the defense was not that good at Arizona that is why Mike was fired from Arizona. I would fire right now Kish the Linebacker coach who Mike brought in from Arizona. We were not even in the picture for all the great linebackers this year He did get one good one and one kid they hope will someday be good. Recruiting is the life blood of a college program we need ace recruiters first then you also need great coaches to coach them great players.We need to get back in the top 5 of recruiting we were 14th in most polls and as low as 27th in one polls in recruiting this year. Hey I know you can win with 3 star kids who really want to win we need those kind of kids hey we won the national championship with a lot of those but we also had 4 and 5 star players to help us Rocky Calmus, Torrense Marshall were Roy Williams was another of the 4 and 5 star players. We need to look for good football players and make sure their attitude is right before we waste one our our 25 slots on. Hey we can still win another National Championship . Bob Stoops is signaling that he wants to get back to being one of the threats for a national championship every year.


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2013 Recruiting Class

by Vince Bonner 11. February 2013 16:05

OU got some some much needed help on the defensive line, linebackers,and cornerbacks. They received offensive help as well, a 5 star running back, a 4 star QB and many receivers and offensive lineman. 14th in the nation for OU is a down year but their are some great players in this class.



by Vince Bonner 6. January 2013 17:24
HEY WE DID OKAY IN THE FIRST HALF BUT DID NOT PUNCH IT IN TRIED THE BULL DOZER TOO MUCH and RECEIVERS DROPPED THE TD PASS. THEN THE SECOND HALF THEY DROPPED 8 and dared us to run but no luck. Next year we need to let Trevor Knight to be the QB if the BULLDOZER Cant pass because we need a true run pass QB when a team dropps 8 then the QB Scramble is wide open.... This is killing recruiting losing bowls and in that fashion.


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show- The Cotton Bowl Edition

by Vince Bonner 29. December 2012 07:46


Sooners beat TCU for share of the Big 12 Title 24-17

by Vince Bonner 2. December 2012 13:59
Yes I nailed the score I predicted 24-17 and it was 24-17 but that is where the good feelings end. I was glad we won the game but because Nebraska and UCLA lost which allowed Wisconsin to play for the Big 10 title and the big east had 4 sucky teams, Norther Illinois is going BCS and knocked the Sooners out of the BCS crapola! We are playing in the Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M and there great QB. Sooners have to be disappointed going to the Cotton Bowl. The bad news increases with Julian Saunders the Fresno State transfer who played so great just got arrested for possession of weed. So he probably will not play. BCS needs to go if a number 16 Northern Illinois gets picked over a number 11 OU that sucks. By Contract the BCS agreed if the minor conference if they are ahead of at least one conference champion which is the big east and Wisconsin... they automatically get a BCS Bid



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