Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show- The Texas Tech Edition

by Vince Bonner 23. October 2013 17:00


OU beats Kanasas 34-19

by Vince Bonner 20. October 2013 23:49

Well Blake Bell and the OU defense started the day playing horrible. The Kanas back Sims tore through the thin OU defensive line for big gain for opening 13-0 lead. Blake Bell could not hit the side of the barn at the first of the game. Finally through the run game and a great pass from Bester the receiver to Shephard for a TD OU took command of the game. In the second half Blake Bell got his passing on track and defense shut down the run game of Kansas. We had some suprises, if you have read any of my posts, you would know that I lobby for OU to rush the punter since Bob quit doing it since the 1999 OU Notre Dame game where he got a penalty and he thought it cost his team the game. Well Glory Bee Saturday, he tried twice to rush the punter and ending up getting a safety on Kansas. Maybe that will encourage Bob, to rush the punter often. The special teams played great with Colvin blocking a extra point for Kansas and running it back for two points. The only bad thing was Honeycutt missing an extra point on OU's first OU touchdown. Texas Tech is next the OU defense needs to be ready for the spread. Blake Bell needs to play error free football (hey one can dream can't they).


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction show- The Kansas Edition

by Vince Bonner 16. October 2013 15:39


OU and Blake Bell gets exposed by Texas 20-36

by Vince Bonner 14. October 2013 01:00

Well we saw why the coaches did not name Blake Bell starter at the first of the season against Texas. OU had a chance to go up 7-3 and Blake Bell throws a sky high shot to Brennan Clay who drops it and should of caught it but if Blake Bell had just thrown it on a direct line it would of been a touchdown. He cannot seem to pass into the end zone and anything else but short passes. He threw interceptions Saturday, but I knew no matter how bad he played Bob would not replace him. He will start the rest of the season sink or swim. Oh! he is not alone in playing bad, the OU defense as I said in the prediction video, weakness is the run and Texas ran up and down the field. Corey Nelson the injured Senior linebacker out for the season was sorely missed. Alexander the freshman did his best but he missed a key coverage on the one of the Texas TD passes. As I predicted, when we did not jump early on Texas because of inept passing and Zero QB runs in the first half which was Heupel the play callers fault. Heupel's play calling sucked and was anticipated by Texas. Finch who ran a kickoff back 75 yards, was the only spark. OU makes it like 20-10 in the first half. We then have a chance OU and Texas trade field goals and lf and lets Texas run back the punt. Game over. The thing that surprised me the most was the deep passes that were completed by McCoy for Texas one was against the 5th back brought in who had no speed but OU was beat by the speed of Texas which I did not think was going to happen. I would love to see Kendall Thompson but it won't happen, and how long in big game is Huepel going to call a lousy game plan. The most blame has to go to Blake Bell our QB for this year. Surprise me Bob start Kendall Thompson. Saturday if you would have put Trevor Knight and let him run he could out speed Texas but no it will never happen.


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show- The Texas Edition

by Vince Bonner 9. October 2013 14:55

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OU Wins Slugfest with TCU 20-17

by Vince Bonner 6. October 2013 15:02

Wow that was a great game I saw at Owen Field Saturday, The Sooner defense did not allow a first down by TCU. The OU defense played awesome . The TCU defense was stout to holding the Sooners to just 10 points. It was helped along by Blake Bell, who was throwing it high all night, if he can ever get his passing game down he will be one of the best QBs in the league. The second half started with Sooner domination but after the Sooners held TCU to 3 points, TCU executed a perfect onside kick that was kicked perfectly by TCU brought TCU back into the game and made it a heart stopper. Another unfortunate reason why TCU started having success is Corey Nelson the defensive captain and our best Linebacker got hurt and had to leave the game. Alexander the freshman LB replaced him but not having played very much was very confused and the great defense of OU started having a little trouble with TCU. TCU had made the game 13-10. The long touchdown run by Brennan Clay revitalized the Sooners to make it 20-10 OU, and it looked like the game saver but TCU came right back with a touchdown to make the game 20-17. Blake Bell who may throw it to high and makes a lot of mistakes, but again showed what a winner he is by running for a first down when we got the game down to 2 and a half minutes. He then clinched the game buy running over several TCU players and almost ran for a touchdown in getting the first down that would run out the clock and OU won 20-17. The Loss of Corey Nelson the senior captain is a terrible blow to the Sooners. Good Bye Corey see you in the pros. Hopefully the Sooners can get Alexander the freshman Linebacker up to speed or find someone else. The defense has to remain dominant for the Sooners to stay undefeated. The Texas game is this week Go Sooners!


Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show - The TCU Edition 2013

by Vince Bonner 2. October 2013 15:40

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OU outspeeds and outtoughs Notre Dame 35-21

by Vince Bonner 29. September 2013 08:47

It was a great game played by the Sooner defense and offense on Saturday. The opening play where the Striker for OU hits Reese the QB Notre Dame and makes him throw the ball to Corey Nelson of OU who runs for a opening TD in the first 7 seconds of the game, was shades of Roy Williams (superman play). The OU defense intercepted Reese again on his second pass and it was 14-0 before we knew it. Notre Dame did make a comeback but the Sooners kept renewing its 14 point cushion until time ran out. Hey Blake had a great overall game and is a winner and what the Sooners needs. I learned a little bit more about Blake Bell Saturday. Blake is not that great on planned runs, he hesitates and it stops his momentum and without built up momentum it doesn't work. Now it could be is that the defense keys on Millard the OU fullback where he goes Blake is soon to follow so the defense bunches at that spot could be the reason but when Blake Bell is trying to pass and nobody is open and he takes off running, he is great because he has time to build up some speed and usually makes the first down plus more. Another thing he is not a great passer with the exception of his great pass for a touchdown to Lacoltan Bester the OU receiver but he is great clutch short pass thrower which was enough Saturday. He is also seems to find a way to win and does not get shook by bad plays and so far he has not thrown an interception. Even Trevor Knight got in the game Saturday, you can see that he is a better runner than Blake and maybe that is why the coaches originally picked him but Blake is a better passer and game player right now than Trevor. Hey this game gets OU noticed by the national press, if OU can keep undefeated...

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Vince and Kevin's OU Football Prediction Show - The Notre Dame Edition

by Vince Bonner 25. September 2013 15:52



by Vince Bonner 15. September 2013 04:32



 Well the Quarterback Controversy is over Blake Bell is the man. Blake threw for 413 yards and 4 touchdowns, shattering the record held by Sam Bradford for the  most yards thrown by a QB at OU in his first game  starting. OU not only changed the QB position, they changed their offense back from the Zone Read to the  Landry style spread offense. With one critical difference, when Blake Bell gets in trouble by the rush of  the defense, he takes off running. He runs also  when he sees a opening or needs a short first down. That is exactly what I wanted from the OU offense. Yes I made a mistake and wanted Trevor Knight and I  and the coaches were clearly wrong based on the Blake Bell offense. Also Heupel did not know how to call the zone read. He is much more comfortable with the  basic spread. I love the added dimension of the pass. that means Notre Dame will not be able to put 6 to 8 players in the backfield to cover receivers they will  have to respect the run. Clay did not do much this week, but I love Finch getting a chance at running back and also Keith Ford the 5 star freshman who runs over  people and has speed. I hope they give Keith Ford more and more carries.



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